Sanjeev Khanna Delhi

Delhi, อินเดีย

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A pragmatic, focused, result oriented & accomplished executive with 40 years of experience in defence equipment management. A specialist in MRO of Military Systems. Heades eight factories (Army Base Workshops) with a combined turnover of Rs 2,500 Crores and a workforce of 12,000 technical managers, engineers and technicians. The Army Base Workshops are involved in MRO of sophisticated military systems like Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Artillery Guns, Air Defence Systems, Radar & Control Systems, Missile Systems and Specialist Vehicles. Conceptualized GOCO (Govt Owned Contractor Operated) Concept for privatization of all Army Base Workshops, including Cost-Benefit Modelling.
Currently working as a leading Defence Consultant in the fields of JVs, ToTs, Business Development and GOCO (Govt Owned Company Operated).
Presently, also a member of Ministry of Defence Sub-Committee for review of Defence Procurement Manual (DPM) 2009 on Military Grade Spares and Support.





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