Xonier Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Noida, อินเดีย

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We are a team of "go-getter"professionals who likes to do experimentation with technologies for the betterment of human business and society. From a proprietership company startup way back in 2010, known as "Delta Star Technologies", we are moving towards a ecosystem responsible business entity as Xonier Technologies, keeping the DNA of "Always Startup". With team Consists of industry veterans to the enthusiastic fresher, bringing in the bust of "Freshness of Knowledge". Our passion to perform brings client satisfaction as an easy outcome.
With a vision to become the best 360 ° technology service and solution provide in Tours & Travel, Hospitality, Education, Fashion, We are on a mission to experiment with few disruptive e-services to our customers. Our value system revolve around trust, honesty and unyielding intigrity with any dealing with clients.


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